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Bold Vision 2017

I feel I am sitting across from Kristen Noel, Editor-in-Chief of Best Self Magazine, in her office where she interviews thought leaders and visionaries like Jeffrey Davis and Jonathan Fields.  Bespectacled, with ease of engagement, Kristen’s curiosity is contagious. Today Kristen, one of 12 visionaries in #Quest2017 asks us from nearly 50 states and 18 countries, Where are you going to go deeper this year, where can you be brave enough to bring forth even more of yourself — to [...]

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Read How Soft Skills Help Avoid Communication Chasms

There was only one sense of time, the present, when I worked in the marketing department of a major telecom firm in 2000.  Although the agenda was set for a 10:00 am meeting, the agenda often changed quicker than a squirrel leaps up a tree. Timing is even more of the essence in our world of technology. Sophisticated project management tools elicit buy-ins across management capabilities. Warped speed response leads to a defunct project or worse, a defunct business. In his [...]

Why I Quest

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas  Several years ago, I received a delightful invitation to participate in a second writers’ retreat in Valle Crucis, NC. The writing retreats were created by Katerina Whitley, author of Around The Greek Table, about nine years earlier. My first retreat with these women writers held at the Valle Crucis Conference Center that sits on 500 acres had been just before Memorial Day in 2012.  I remember Katerina meeting [...]

Capacity: Is Your Head In The Clouds?

  More and more clients are coming to me after the fact, after their RFP was rejected or they were not getting replies to their cover letters and job applications. At first glance it is easy to see why their correspondence was second or tenth best. Most often it is what they forgot to say, the format they used, or negative statements. In other words, not writing with the decision maker in mind. My twin brothers used to call me “Miss Prissy” [...]

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Through the years I have been complimented as a Renaissance woman. Gratefully resilient through living, divorce, caregiving, downturned markets, earning two degrees midlife, working for the best and those that tested my spirit, and volunteering in new communities in four states, I choose to celebrate life in creative circles. “Where do you get your energy”, people ask.   I am energized by multi-dimensional creative souls like  Suzi Banks Baum and Mary Ellen Merrigan whom I met in TrackingWonder’s Quest where business artists [...]

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Work. Life. Balance.

“Doing some awareness work regularly sharpens the point, makes inner life more beautiful, and that beauty revives.” Rumi I used to live just six miles from the university where I worked in a Carolina mountain town. Despite the convenience, there was no time to shed personality clashes or shake duties that did not sit right with my decades of experience, let alone my engaging interests. Except for occasional mile walks around campus, my work/life balance was out of kilter. I treasured [...]

10 Tips to Relieve Vacation Anxiety

Review orders in your pipeline. Ensure your away messages are timely and social. Send that personal note of appreciation that's been on the back burner. Review your business plan for disaster preparedness/recovery. Not you? Think about the business owner headed to a respite in the Rockies whose car got out of control due to weather conditions. Surgeries vs. serendipity. Spruce up your brick and mortar with fresh flowers and signage. Build capacity for the remainder of the year. Take preventative fraud [...]

Why They Reject Your Proposals

This Zen image landed on my screen New Year’s Eve day. Moments later I received an email appeal from a CEO of a professional service firm.      “Can you help me? I’m told this [proposal] needs work.                                         This one cost me $15,000.”  Yep. His proposal went to the post office a moment too soon -  like the last minute rush to earn the April 15th postmark for the IRS. Who cannot relate to noise, interruptions, shifting priorities, clocks ticking toward deadlines that end up costing money. This [...]

Business Interruption

I recall working for a major publisher in South Florida in the 90s. Just before a new semester there was a heavy snowstorm in Iowa that blocked deliveries nationwide. Calls began coming in from book store managers inquiring when the textbooks would arrive for the new semester. This was prior to print on demand, at the onset of electronic publishing. It took almost ten days to recover warehouse operations. That meant the marketing and sales department had to provide copies of [...]