Peering Ahead

My ideal day a year from now is to celebrate with a business owner at an award luncheon. The business owner and his strategic team had been totally unaware how others perceived the 10-year startup and what immediate changes could take the business to the next level.

This acclaim began with an exploratory executive coaching call on January 2, 2017 with a member of a virtual team. The more we spoke, the more was identified about the company’s struggle with brand image.

Hard questions fostered curiosity and trust that to open other doors to the big picture. The opportunity of our collaboration soon became evident.

A year later at the award luncheon table two African-American college students majoring in technology and another client, a woman in technology who has been mentoring these students, join us. Seated next to me is my colleague, an Asian educator for whom I have served as a wordsmith for the past 15 years whose current focus has shifted to engineering and education. This collage of humanity spans three generations and nurtures talent that further inspires me and others in many communities. The collage further reflects my vision of paying it forward, making a difference by connecting strong women in technology. Both students after proving their talent have been awarded an internship with this company. One internship is in R&D at the national headquarters; the other in sales in a European satellite office.

How do I unwind at the end of the day? Sometimes I write as I am here now, planning for the day ahead. I love to read but find it hard to return to just any book after reading about struggles in the Biafra movement in the 1960s in Half of a Yellow Sun. Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s exquisite prose found me reflecting about others in exile as my ancestors were forced out of their homes during the Russian pogroms of the late 1800s.  #myidealday

This is the third December I have actively participated in Quest prompts offered by visionaries gathered by Jeffrey Davis, Founder of Tracking Wonder. This article is my response to this prompt in #Quest2017 offered by visionary JENNY BLAKE.

Describe your ideal average day one year from now. Where are you? What routines help start the day? What projects are you thrilled to dive into? What kind of impact are you having on the world around you? Who are you with? How do you unwind at the end of the day? Don’t think too hard about the answers; go with your gut and fill-in whatever first comes to mind.

Jenny, Silicon Valley born and bred, is an author, international speaker, business strategist, career coach, and yogi now living and working in NYC. After five and a half years in career development at Google, Blake left her job in 2011 to launch her first book, Life After College, and has since run her own consulting business in New York City. Her latest book, Pivot, outlines a four-stage process to mindfully navigate career paths.

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