Little by Little the Bird Builds its Nest

Haitian Proverb

My daughter leaves for Haiti to give
of herself, stripped of her car
this mother’s gypsy soul surfaces
nesting in a cocoon of word embraces,
filtered noise in an unsettled world

Today my fifth child departs for six months
two duffle bags packed to the brim
fifty plus Facebook friends waving her bon voyage
thirteen-dollar Uber ride to Hartsfield Atlanta
forty three years since her aunt and I brought her home.

Until I hear of her safe arrival in that troubled land
where weather stages havoc
my soul recites psalms
clings to faith that children will gather before
this vibrant woman eager to spark their imagination.

Poetry embodies my soul, sustains me
barren – ‘ner a soul has escaped depth of emotion
fertile when nature’s spectacular majesty and
miracles paint life’s opus
today my soul desires to brush my mind’s canvas.

as published in Mothers Always Write  4/2017

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