About Evelyn

“Evelyn is super flexible, professional and a great listener. I am also surprised by her skills in “kindly” suggest appropriate change to grow. Gave me many tips on how to improve my online visibility and trust for my small business. My business is exactly going in the direction I wanted for it to go, and I cannot believe we were able to do it in just 2 hours. Evelyn also has taken more time out of the project to support me via chat. I will never thank her enough.  “

-Sonya Lalla, Destination Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

Evelyn Asher

My love for the written word and the business environment began at an early age.  Before logo identification, I donned a starched uniform to serve customers in my dad’s pharmacies.  There I learned to model my dad’s authentic relationships with physicians, pharmaceutical representatives, vendors, customers and develop a presence in our community.  Through the years, I have tried to emulate these relationships that ethically built my father’s chain of drugstores and pharmacies.

I paid attention to operations that were challenging including property leases and vendor agreements and changes born from economic development after which my dad developed new models for the suburbs.

My dad’s early trust in me developed my personal fortitude to attend a private dinner for 150 automobile executives at the Toledo Museum of Art.  Reflecting on that time when I volunteered to serve as a greeter, the World Car Symposium was my first exposure to active networking and gaining global perspectives. This event became my springboard to cultural sensitivity beyond that of my maternal and paternal immigrant grandparents.

I remain curious and love to connect people and ignite mindful conversations. My love for the written word overarches my dedication to social justice where I respond pro bono to selected nonprofit organizations.

When you meet with me, expect a deep dive to mindfully explore the roots of your current challenge and goals for your next adventure.  Together we will design a realistic plan measurable in next steps.  You will have an accessible partner in me throughout our engagement.

Whether you are planning your next adventure, taking on new responsibilities or wanting to build deeper relationships, personally or professionally, you will gain confidence.  Are you ready to change behaviors, set boundaries, and enhance your business acumen to be heard than be overtaxed by the disruptions of technology?

“The way you tell your story to yourself matters.”

Amy Cuddy, Researcher at Harvard Business School and Author of Presence

Let’s write your next chapter together.

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My Main Goal

  • Is to elevate and sustain leaders
  • Shift perspectives
  • Make impactful digital impressions
  • Benefit from connections in my wide global network
  • Influence conversations in leadership circles
  • Realize that there is a great need for more frequent dialogue

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  • You yearn to have a sounding board
  • You want to benefit from authentic techniques
  • You thirst for ability to deal with predictable disruptions
  • You have always hungered for personal, structured mentoring and development
  • You seek commitment & convenience through effective one-on-one conversations
  • You crave genuine feedback from someone uniquely skilled with laser-like intuition
  • You want to expand your company’s presence through consistent, authentic messages

Evelyn Asher - Leadership Coach

In today’s fragile business climate, Evelyn helps entrepreneurs and
project managers avoid catastrophes by navigating the challenges of
certain flows and structures, much like a white-water rafting guide.
Having skilled and knowledgeable individuals in key positions
makes for success.

Evelyn served as a certified director of the
Small Business Center at
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
counseling over 200 entrepreneurs.

She developed capstone workshops for seasoned business owners & was
actively involved in sustainability and education committees for three
Chambers of Commerce.

She has taught Effective Interpersonal Communication for Brenau University
and Business Communication at Appalachian State University.

Evelyn’s 20 years of business strategy alongside directors of strategic planning,
logistics, marketing and public relations help her catalyze with big picture
perspectives. Evelyn’s authentic business relationships
reveal the complexities of business communication.

“Executive coaching means regular meetings between a business leader and a
trained facilitator, designed to produce positive changes in business behavior
in a limited time frame.”*

* Definition from ‘The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching’ (Thomson 2005)

Best of North Georgia 2016

Best Business Consultant
Sponsored by the Gainesville Times