Case Studies



Former HR Director and owner of a staffing agency seeking global opportunities enlisted my executive coaching services to gain new perspectives.  Client became more discerning and opened vistas that grew from her passions of travel and photography.

ROI: A structured timeline allowed the client to close her staffing agency in a timely manner, giving her more freedom to complete professional certifications and travel to explore future choices of location while building relationships for her next adventure with grand enthusiasm in her 60s.


Consultant in the oil & gas industry requested assistance with a monthly report and executive summary. I crafted a succinct 10-page report from 24 pages of her notes while coaching the client on expectations of management and the challenging environment of her global assignment.

ROI:  Client was given the gift of time to renew and realize the benefit of performance coaching to maintain composure while dealing with difficult personalities.


Client’s goal was to enhance digital image including website and blog posts.  My iterations of these, delivered along with coaching, shifted my client’s perspective on the value healthcare leaders expect to impact their presence in a highly-competitive, ever-changing environment.

ROI: Client was to concentrate on building relationships, designing a retreat for healthcare executives, creating an editorial calendar and spending more time with her family.

Evelyn Asher
Executive Coach



A clothing manufacturer requested review of a business plan for an entire new line.  I posed questions in critical areas to ensure data was aligned with investors’ thinking.

ROI: “Fast, efficient, informative and accretive” – Priceless.


I edit both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, making them functional for the reader, not just making them consistent and correct.  Recent works include a family legacy of a WWII veteran that traces NC’s 10th Mountain Division trained for the Italian campaign.

ROI: Author able to receive developmental edits and connect with others who share deep interest in history.  Iterations are producing different versions for varying audiences.


Doctoral students are often referred to me as a content specialist on a plethora of topics including business management, communication, education and technology, human interface devices, immigration, psychology, STEM and veteran issues.

ROI: The director of research at a major university expressed how my encouragement [through editorial comments] often makes a difference in the career of a faculty member.


A major university turns to me for proofreading of NSF pre-grant applications.  My editing goes beyond the norm posing questions where areas require clarification strengthening the document and earning the opportunity to submit a grant in excess of $500,000.

ROI: Meeting deadlines that often involve exchanging files on demand scheduling.  New programs build on one another providing student opportunities that link with economic development.

I am committed to confidentiality.
Therefore, I cannot reveal the identities of my clients.

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