The Art of Resilience: An interview with Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

"Can we reschedule in an hour? My insurance adjuster just arrived," Life Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee emailed. "Sure," I replied before taking action myself to call a referred tree service for a second estimate to haul off an uprooted tree and grind the stump. Fortunately the fallen poplar missed my house but sent debris that crushed my shed. Minor damage compared to those in coastal regions and devastation in Puerto Rico and Bangladesh. Late afternoon found Rachelle, warmly introduced to me by marketing [...]

Coaching: What’s It Worth?

My mentor, Al Trembley, Principal - WSI Rainmakers, asked me in a deep dive, "What do you have that has deep meaning for you in your home?" Sans Antique Roadshow treasures, the first item that came to mind was a hand-decorated tile my father admired and purchased in Holland in the 1980s. I posted a photo of the tile on Facebook to which Shannonrae Mathes, a goat farmer and owner of Shannygans Farm, noted, "[There are] Stories being told on the detail", much [...]