Resilience: Commerce challenged by nature’s wrath

Chip Cutter's article on LinkedIn discusses the challenges of Houston getting back to work "Merely getting to work is difficult after the storm damaged as many as a million cars in a city heavily reliant on them", Cutter reports. The distractions to productivity companies noted by Career Builder are compounded to the nth degree since Harvey. Where will empathetic and overstretched employers turn to sustain their businesses? What new business models will form after weather and workforce disruption? Resilience under-girds processes. It takes a village - a [...]

Business Interruption: Resilience after the perfect storm

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused severe disruption for giants, small business and solopreneurs. Are you still scrambling to get normalcy restored? Directors of operations are turning to freelance platforms to secure talent to update emergency policies. There they have to weed through application templates before finding the person with technical and communication skills who can step in as a team member. The challenge to meet the specific needs and avoid domino bottlenecks goes beyond historic resources. In Paul J. Argenti's HBR [...]

Diversity by Design

“They just don’t see.” “They just don’t get it.” My friend, a global coach, echoed these sentiments in our conversation when I shared examples of lack of gender or cultural diversity in a social media promotion. Our discussion centered on other blatant oversight in company, product and service portraits. The first pattern illustrated in an author’s promotional video of his next bestseller on the art of closing was the absence of a female sales leader though a good number of [...]

Little by Little the Bird Builds its Nest

Haitian Proverb My daughter leaves for Haiti to give of herself, stripped of her car this mother’s gypsy soul surfaces nesting in a cocoon of word embraces, filtered noise in an unsettled world Today my fifth child departs for six months two duffle bags packed to the brim fifty plus Facebook friends waving her bon voyage thirteen-dollar Uber ride to Hartsfield Atlanta forty three years since her aunt and I brought her home. Until I hear of her safe arrival in that troubled land where weather stages havoc my soul recites psalms clings [...]


Actively teaching and promoting courage a writing prompt proffers yet reflection proclaims courage was not a formal topic in classrooms I attended but a lived experience by many models. not slinky runway models but my mother and aunts in full-length aprons working alongside in my immigrant Bubbe’s kitchen, where tzedakah boxes reminded us to be generous to others whose courage was tested at every meal in multi-family apartments, not high rises with elevators but walk-ups where families lived together, not across town made memories, where children shouted where elders encouraged “be nice”, [...]

Women in Technology: Insight from a Bold Strategist, Influencer

Sue Bergamo is proof that believing in oneself is the pathway to success. I asked two women in technology what they would like to ask of another technology leader and gain further insights of their experiences when running an IT department. As manager at Cathara Consulting, Joanne Church wanted to know, “As a leader, where are you finding renewal during such hard times? – think of the process of constant sacrifice and the renewal that leaders go through.” In response to this question, [...]


Charting Your Course

In today’s uncertain business climate, services are being cut while transparency, the hallmark of organizations in recent years, dons a new veil. You aspire to transformation and alignment, yet do you have the time and ability to engage in conversations that open new opportunity? Are you concerned that you are experiencing a gap in your capacity? A survey analyzed in HBR’s "What Great Managers Do Daily" indicates, “Perhaps unsurprisingly, employees who got little to no one-on-one time with their manager were [...]

Peering Ahead

My ideal day a year from now is to celebrate with a business owner at an award luncheon. The business owner and his strategic team had been totally unaware how others perceived the 10-year startup and what immediate changes could take the business to the next level. This acclaim began with an exploratory executive coaching call on January 2, 2017 with a member of a virtual team. The more we spoke, the more was identified about the company's struggle with brand [...]

Bold Vision 2017

I feel I am sitting across from Kristen Noel, Editor-in-Chief of Best Self Magazine, in her office where she interviews thought leaders and visionaries like Jeffrey Davis and Jonathan Fields.  Bespectacled, with ease of engagement, Kristen’s curiosity is contagious. Today Kristen, one of 12 visionaries in #Quest2017 asks us from nearly 50 states and 18 countries, Where are you going to go deeper this year, where can you be brave enough to bring forth even more of yourself — to [...]

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Read How Soft Skills Help Avoid Communication Chasms

There was only one sense of time, the present, when I worked in the marketing department of a major telecom firm in 2000.  Although the agenda was set for a 10:00 am meeting, the agenda often changed quicker than a squirrel leaps up a tree. Timing is even more of the essence in our world of technology. Sophisticated project management tools elicit buy-ins across management capabilities. Warped speed response leads to a defunct project or worse, a defunct business. In his [...]