Evelyn Asher - Executive Coach and Wordsmith

Persuasive. Possible. Polished.

I coach people with a fierce desire to learn and grow.

Business Solutions

Coaching for Strategy and Development

In today’s ever-changing business climate, I help entrepreneurs and project managers avoid catastrophes by navigating the challenges of certain flows and structures, much like a white-water rafting guide.

Signature approach

I champion people and ideas. I bring two decades of business strategy and relationships to every project.

The right match is integral to your coaching experience. A complimentary exploratory call will reveal if ours is the right match.

Together we will relieve the tension of tough calls. You will live life more freely.

Business Solutions

Management Consulting

Know your audience – better

Unleash the power of mentorship and sponsorship. I am a mentor, a trusted sounding board and generous advisor who will help open doors of opportunity for you. 

Benefit from coaching to help you deal with untenable workloads in rapidly-changing markets

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Literary Expertise


I am a vivid storyteller, a skilled wordsmith with an internal thesaurus. I provide editing and proofreading services that include award applications, content development, copy editing, e-mail marketing campaigns, pre-grant application review and RFPs.

What Clients Say
“I appreciate the fact that you chose to share your life experiences with me and the way you've mentored me...I would not be where I am without your influence...”
Whitney White
Owner, My Interactive Finance
What Clients Say
“I am so grateful to you for your guidance, encouragement and support. You helped me more than you know.”
Mariko Smith
Engraving by Mariko
What Clients Say
“This is amazing.  I have never seen anything like this.  I now know what a "Wordsmith" is.  You have provided a more readable text with exactly what I meant.   I thought I liked my words until now.”
Richard Smith
Calibre Home Inspections
What Clients Say
Over the years, as I have seen Evelyn in different roles, I have not been surprised how comfortable she is with solving new challenges. Her optimism and coaching ability consistently inspires the rest of the team. If you ever have the opportunity to have Evelyn on your team, seize it. Define the job later.
Russ Jaskot

Best of North Georgia 2016

Best Business Consultant
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