Evelyn Asher - Executive Coach and Wordsmith

Mindful. Meaningful. Mentor.

I coach people with a fierce desire to learn and grow.

Evelyn Asher

In today’s ever-changing business climate, I help aspiring leaders build capacity to maximize agility.

Executive Coaching to Identify Opportunities & Form Partnerships

  • You aspire to be bold and enjoy the benefits of work/life balance.
  • You aspire to being coached by a creative strategist who builds your capacity and strengthens your relationships.
  • You aspire to be a catalyst for change and compelling communicator.
  • You aspire to apply conversational intelligence in your professional and personal life
What Clients Say
“I appreciate the fact that you chose to share your life experiences with me and the way you've mentored me...I would not be where I am without your influence...”
Whitney White
Owner, My Interactive Finance
What Clients Say
“I am so grateful to you for your guidance, encouragement and support. You helped me more than you know.”
Mariko Smith
Engraving by Mariko
What Clients Say
““What I like about your coaching style is that it is authentic, not scripted.”
Sabrina Lovejoy
What Clients Say
Over the years, as I have seen Evelyn in different roles, I have not been surprised how comfortable she is with solving new challenges. Her optimism and coaching ability consistently inspires the rest of the team. If you ever have the opportunity to have Evelyn on your team, seize it. Define the job later.
Russ Jaskot
What Clients Say
You are amazing! You so aggressively took hold of this document and owned it! I knew you are good, but this goes beyond good. You are something else! ...You are so fast and accurate in your assessments. I can see how your feedback can pretty quickly redirect a document, and make it much more influential and moving to the reader.
Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell
Director of Organizational Growth, First Things Foundation

Best of North Georgia 2016

Best Business Consultant
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