Photo: Ren Powell

If they give you lined paper, write the other way.

Credit: Bruce Conner on nonconformity

If they give you lined paper, write the other way.

Credit: Bruce Conner on nonconformity

Photo: Ren Powell

Evelyn Asher

Business Solutions

Coaching for Strategy and Development

As a high achiever, you constantly are called upon to resolve other people’s problems. You need to be able to think with agility and empathy to come up with the best solutions pitched in the best way. The problem, though, is you when you stay glued in your chair with eyes locked on your screen, you come up with the same solutions presented in the same one-way manner.

What if your days at work could include “freedom sessions” to unleash your mind from the screen to generate bold, well-received ideas?

That’s where I come in. Through mindful, deep dive exercises, I enable you to explore novel solutions to prepare you for future leadership opportunities.
I help startups perfect their pitch in ways to attract venture capital..

“You are such an amazing connector and continue to inspire me as I see you show up everywhere on social media.”

– Jane Lee Rankin, Owner, Apple Hill Farm

Research by Bain & Company shows that young women enter the workplace full of confidence, yet after 2 years in a position, women’s aspirations for top management drop by more than 60%.

“Regardless of their motivation for starting a venture, many boomers are finding entrepreneurship to be a fulfilling encore career.”  (

Evelyn Asher
Project Management

Business Solutions

Organizational Development

As a Training Manager with new talent, (including millennials) to bring into the fold, you are stretched. You must ensure all communication authentically represents your organization’s culture. You need to provide immediate and ongoing training to prevent business bottlenecks that cost money and delivery issues.

What if you could schedule weekly coaching sessions for new hires and their over-stressed managers that would develop wider perspectives and encourage efficiently meeting product management deadlines?

That’s where I come in. Through framing questions, I will discern the areas where training efforts are best placed and engage employees to be proactive and accountable. I will help you retain employees to become effective team members with attention to balancing work & healthy lifestyle.


Literary Expertise


As an author of business books you have great knowledge of your subject matter. Your intention is to tailor your content for a specific audience, yet you yearn for an editor with business acumen to ensure your story meets today’s new standards of readability.

What if you received authentic feedback that would ensure your book was void of grammar and spelling errors and flowed for your intended audience?

That’s where I come in.  I will alert you to areas that beg for clarification, suggest facets you may have overlooked to improve the value of your book and help you broaden your market.

Let’s connect.


“Thanks so much. Your editing and questions allowed me to easily experience my novel from a new perspective and know what I needed to develop. It seems impossible to effectively re-write without another’s view. Yours has helped me be extremely focused.”  

– C. K. Stephens

“Thanks for the help, the comments/edits are exactly what I was looking for.”

– K. Garrett

“I’ve learned so much from your feedback, as well as the editor from Harper Collins (good news for you but not a surprise to me: the advice was very similar!).”

–  J. Cordini

“I can’t express how much I appreciate your help and your feedback on my work! Thank you so much!”

– Emily Williams

“Truly, you were a great inspiration to me in getting this book edited and published. And you were so giving and caring afterwards, as you introduced me to the journalist who featured my book, and to the director of the Arts Council.  I could not have done it without you, Evelyn. Thank you! ”

– L. Whitehead, Author, Reluctant Warriors 


“I made the edits you suggested and resent the Dissertation Manuscript. It was accepted and approved for defense. Your edits were directly responsible for the manuscript acceptance.”  

– M. Zupo   4/2017

A Gypsy's Tapestry by Evelyn Asher

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